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Project Benefits

The benefits

The development of the Wheelabrator Kemsley (K3) and Wheelabrator Kemsley North (WKN) will:

  • Be capable of generating enough clean, renewable baseload energy to power the equivalent of more than 240,000 homes.
  • Create hundreds of jobs during construction, which will conclude in 2019 for Wheelabrator Kemsley (K3), and 2023 for Wheelabrator Kemsley North (WKN).
  • Create 30 - 50 new, full time, well paid jobs at each facility once fully operational.
  • Generate local economic stimulus in the form of capital investment and the need for goods and services as part of our construction, annual major and minor routine repairs and maintenance programs. At Wheelabrator Kemsley (K3), we’ve already seen £33.4m(1) in contribution to the local economy through demand for services since construction commenced in 2016.
  • Be an active part of the local community, particularly through our community funding initiative. In 2018 and 2019, the Wheelabrator Kemsley (K3) community benefit fund of £50,000 will support organizations and initiatives that benefit communities in and around Kemsley. Through the development of Wheelabrator Kemsley North (WKN) we’ll be extending our community funding and support initiative.

1: Local spend area defined as Kent. Source: CNIM